Friday, August 22, 2008

Der Aufbruch : My Destination

I answered ''away from here, away from here, always away from here. Only by doing so can i reach my destination.''
Then you know your destination'' he asked.
''Yes'' I said '' I have already said so, 'Away-From-Here' that is my destination.''
''You have no provisions with you'' he said.
''I don't need any'' I said.
'' The journey is so long that i will die of hunger if i do not get something along the way.
It is, fortunately, a truely immense journey.''

Do you know where is your destination? Here is a start of record my journey.
Honestly i don't know the destination yet, but i like the story of ''Der Aufbruch''.
an immense journey that bring you to a place of unknown, move forward to experience all the happiness and sadness.

- Today i want find a good wayfarer-

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